Prawns Sweet Chilli and Sesame Marinade

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Stirfried Prawns in Sweet Ginger Sauce

I have been making this perfect stirfry

Prawns Sweet Chilli and Sesame Marinade

Well hello. What a month it has been. This is where I share all kinds of things I have, and have had in My Kitchen over the last week or two of November.

I worked with a small Australian business this month writing several recipes. One of them is this Sweet Ginger and Sesame stir fried Prawns made with one of their great marinades. The recipe for these simple Prawns follows. The sauces and marinades make great gifts too.

BorgoMolino Prosecco

I am stocking up on the Italian bubbles. The humble Prosecco. This ones a beauty and I figured that I should put some on the wine rack as we bought a container of it into the country at work  2 weeks ago and have already sold most of it. I was prompted by this common love of Prosecco to follow suit. I do not want to be left out. ( Fear of missing out is a definite thing).

Cheese for Skater

Skater (my Son) has decided that now  he has a thing for cheeses. (just when I dont work at a cheese company any more). Soft cheese mostly of course, but I have moved him straight to the top shelf with a little Les Delice des Cremiers and some Babyberts from the Barossa. Last week we (oops he) had some perfectly ripe and very flavourful Derry-O organic Brie from Udder delights in the Adelaide Hills. Why waste time I say!

Kialla Pancake recipes

You may recall that in last month I was making recipes with an  Kialla Organic Pancake Mix  . Some of you had some great ideas for using Pancake mix. Here are a couple that I came up with. I hope to share some of these recipes with you soon. The top one is a very special doughnut recipe made with the pancake mix and some bread. they look just like doughnuts don’t they? They are so easy you will never believe it. They were the bomb and Skater ate 3 batches of them. I had to stop because I could kill him…… the other is a delicious dumpling stuffed with coconut and palm sugar. They literately take 10 minutes to make. That’s coconut caramel I’ve served with them. If you are interested they are made from a buckwheat pancake mix. They are gluten free, dairy free and that means both vego and vegan  (interested?).

Garden Cake my Kitchen Stories

And finally, before I move onto the great Prawn recipe above…do you remember that stack of chocolate cakes I had last month?  Yes?  I was making an engagement cake, and here’s what I did with it. Some of you asked how I made so many layers and kept them fresh. Well I do freeze them and then get them all out and put them together when I need them. Is anybody interested in how to make a cake like this?. How it is stacked or how to make the buttercream. The top has milk chocolate buttercream but the bottom layers are a raspberry Italian meringue buttercream. Very light and so delicious. The grass is actually juicing wheat grass with roses. Its all glued together with chocolate. I couldn’t find edible flowers so this was the next best thing at the last minute.


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Prawns with Sweet Ginger and Sesame Marinade.
My Kitchen Stories: 
This is such a delicious dish. If you can't find Simply Stirred then substitute it with your favourite sauce or marinade.
  • 500 gm Prawns - peeled and cleaned
  • 1 Spanish onion sliced
  • 1 clove garlic crushed
  • ½ cup sliced red capsicum
  • ½ cup sliced Green Onion
  • ½ cup of coriander sprigs
  • 1 small Lebanese Cucumber sliced
  • 250 ml Simply Stirred Sweet Ginger, Sesame and Soy marinade (or another)
  • 60 ml Oil- (lemon oil would be great)
  1. Heat a large frypan and add ½ the oil, the onion and capsicum and toss on high heat till just starting to get fragrant.
  2. Add the rest of the oil garlic and prawns tossing till the prawns just begin to turn pink.
  3. Add the sauce and heat through. Add the cucumber and coriander before serving. Serve with rice or quinoa..
  4. That's it. Delicious. serves 2 -3
Prawns in Simply stirred SaucesMKSHEADERLOGO


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