Make Pancake Doughnuts Yourself

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Make Pancake Doughnuts Yourself

Make Pancake Doughnuts Yourself
They taste like doughnuts. Look like doughnuts. But take as long as cutting a loaf of bread and you have Pancake Doughnuts.

They just taste so very much like a delicious fluffy doughnut I couldn’t believe it. I have a terrible weakness for doughnuts. Even Skater was a very big fan of these.  The ones he didn’t polish off last time I made them were happily devoured by the neighbours. I hope they are prepared to get sticky fingers on Tuesday morning because Skater and I just CANNOT eat them all alone

They’re made with a loaf of unsliced white or brown bread, whichever you can get, it doesn’t matter. Just ask your breadshop not to slice it when you buy the loaf. The soft style bread is the best, as sourdoughs and the more quality bread is a little too chewy for this recipe.  I swear a Shrove Tuesday with Pancake Doughnuts could be your best one yet.

Pancake Doughnuts recipe here


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