Pizzoccheri, In My Kitchen May 15

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Oh wow. It has been a really big month here. I have virtually not had time to cobble posts together so I am grateful for everyone that has commented and visited My Kitchen Stories. I have had a very full plate with cakes, catering, and a rather large car accident with a bit of renovating that I didn’t expect to happen. Travelling is taking a bit more time to add to the issues as I can’t quite afford a car yet. Anyone need a cake made?

As always it is great to be sharing an In My Kitchen post thanks to Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for gathering everyone together. Have a look here.

Cous cous on it's journey

A couple of weeks ago I put a call out on Facebook for anyone who wanted to try some organic Farro couscous to give me a yell. Well about 4 people did that and I set off to the post office to send out those parcels. Each bag cost 1.90 and then the postage 2 x to Victoria, 1 x to Tasmania and another to Neutral Bay , Sydney cost me $53!. I got such a shock. I am not quite sure how the Australian post office is going broke.  To top it off one of the packages returned to me a week later. I checked the address and it was correct. If you are out there Karen Crawford…I tried!.  I also had 4 x SuperFoods Kitchen Cookbooks to send out to some lucky readers but haven’t been able to do that at the moment because I am just helping the post office come back into the black.  Hold your breath.

Roasted veg

I have been having a great time getting into roasted winter vegetable salads . The best thing about winter is roasted vegetables. Don’t you love them?

Crispy skinned snapper

I have also been trying out some new season, delivered to your door food bags. I promised to do a review of them last week and that is still on the horizon, when I have some more time, but this is the sort of food you can expect to get delivered to your door. This is a pan fried Snapper fillet with roasted Mediterranean salad  (yes those vegetables again).

Making old fashioned Pizzaccheri

And now for Pizzoccheri.  A northern Italian winter dish . Have you seen this pasta before. I haven’t come across it before now.  It’s a pasta made with at a large amount of buckwheat flour. That means it’s a very hearty pasta, perfect for the cold winters in the north near the Swiss border where buckwheat grows in abundance.  Pronounced Pizz- occ – ery, it’s a cheesy, potato fest. It’s traditionally made with a crumbly cheese called Bitto, Parmesan and Spinach or Cavolo Nero and cabbage. I used Silverbeet and some really crumbly Mersey valley cheddar because we don’t have Bitto here. It’s a very interesting dish where all of the ingredients are boiled in the pot at approximately the same time. Then they are layered with the cheese and some freshly melted butter with garlic.

Makin Pizza

Pizzacherri ready

I took inspiration from this recipe here . I haven’t actually given you a recipe because I would make it a bit differently next time.  We decided that we would prefer a cheesy bechamel sauce over the top without the garlic butter. Then we’d like to pop it into the oven to bake for a 1/2 an hour. So if you would like to give it ago have a look at the link. In the meantime we will work on some other recipes using Pizzoccheri. We counter balanced all that richness with a freshly melted tomato sauce and it was good.


Now, I must get back to trying to pull my house back into some kind of May shape and start cooking up some more goodies. It’s slow cooking time! I’ve had the pressure cooker out already.




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