Easy Christmas Chocolate Shortbread

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Easy Christmas Chocolate shortbread is the best thing to make when you have run out of time to do your Christmas baking!

Chocolate shortbread gifts

It’s December and I think I might have run out of time to marinate fruit and make Christmas pudding!

I always have plans and then I always wake up and think….oh no its only a week till Christmas.

If this is you too then this is an ideal Christmas slice recipe for you. I’ve been working on a gluten free version too, find it below. Once cooled they will be firm and easily packed into nice bags or containers for gifts. They can also be stored in an airtight container for up to a week. They are of course best eaten as soon as they are cool. (The only way to eat baked goods)

It’s nearly Christmas and there are so many things I should be happy about. Including friends who can making satidfying alcoholic beverages. This bottle of homemade Irish Cream that would knock the soaks off an Irish priest. This was given to me by Celia as a little Christmas cheer .

Home made Irish Cream

Now, back to these Chocolate Shortbreads I have sitting around. Make them they are easy and ever so tasty.

Chcolate shortbread

They are very simple and kind of like a very basic brownie.

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Chocolate Shortbread
My Kitchen Stories: 
This is the most simple chocolate shortbread you will ever make. Add sprinkles and make it a gift
Makes 12 or 24. Oven temperature 170C/350F
9 cm x 25cm or 10in x 7 in baking tray sprayed and lined with baking paper
  • 150gm pure icing sugar (1 cup)
  • 200 unsalted butter ( chopped) (7oz)
  • 100gm dutch cocoa (1 cup) Make sure it's a nice dark one.
  • 100gm flour ( 1 cup).(or 1 cup of Almond meal and ½ cup of gluten free flour)
  • Silver sprinkles
  • coloured sprinkles
  1. Put all of the ingredients into a food processor and blitz till they gather into a ball. No longer as the dough will get warm and possibly tough. Just combine
  2. Push into a paper lined brownie tray. Push the dough evenly to the edges. I used the base of a glass to smooth the rough bits.
  3. Mark out the size that you would like to cut the dough. This will be cut when the shortbread is baked. 12 fingers or smaller pieces.
  4. Sprinkle the dough with a selection of sprinkles or coloured sugar. Push gently into the dough to ensure they stick. This also creates a nice crunch
  5. I chilled mine for a couple of minutes before baking , just to rest them
  6. Bake in a 170C/ 350F oven for approximately 20 minutes, Cool completely before turning out and cutting

Chocolate Shortbread slabMy Kitchen Stories


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