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Lamb with Pistachio Green Olive Tabouli, Creamed Cauliflower

Several of the elements of this delicious dish can be made ahead. This makes for a dish choc a block full of flavour but quick to make when you have company. Australian cup measurements are used in this recipe
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Course Maincourse
Cuisine Middle Eastern
Servings 4


  • 500 gm lamb fillets about 2 thick large backstraps, or 12 cutlets
  • 2 teaspoons cumin ground
  • 2 teaspoons sumac
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt

Cauliflower puree

  • 700 gm cauliflower approx 1 small to medium cauliflower weigh the flowrettes not the stem
  • 300 gm potato peeled raw finely chopped
  • 125 ml cream thickened or heavy (1/2 cup )
  • 250 ml chicken stock 1 cup
  • 50 ml lemon Juice 1/2
  • 30 gm butter 1 tablespoon
  • pepper


  • 40 ml couscous soaked and ready to use 1/4 cup, done by adding 40 gm boiling stock or water
  • 150 gm Green olives deseeded (1 1/4 cups)
  • 200 gm pistachios toasted unsalted pistachios (1 1/2 cups)
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 2 bunches parsley leaves flat leaf
  • 1 bunch mint leaves
  • 80 ml olive oil 4 tablespoons
  • 1 lemon zested and juiced


  • Lamb coating mix . Mix up the cumin, sumac and salt and dust the meat with this. Set aside.
  • Put the chopped potato and the chopped cauliflower flowrettes (no stem) into a wide saucepan with the cream and stock. Cook slowly with the lid on until they are quite tender.
  • Puree this mixture along with the butter in a vitamix or with a stick blender till very smooth. Season with salt and pepper and add up to 1/2 lemon juice to taste, incorporating well. Keep warm or put into a container for later use.


  • Put the nuts, deseeded olives, rough chopped parsley, mint, lemon zest, lemon juice and oil into the food processor and blitz till still nice and chunky. Pour into a bowl and add the prepared couscous. Also add some extra olive oil and lemon juice stir well and add extra seasoning *( salt and pepper only after tasting) if required. . ( store for later or set aside till the Lamb is cooked)
  • Roll your Lamb in the dry mixed spices.
  • Heat a frypan to very hot add some oil and sear the lamb. I use fillet and I like to turn the Lamb once then put the frypan into a 200 deg C (390 F) oven for 8 minutes before resting. If this doesn't suit you lower the heat slightly and cook 5 minutes on 1 side before turning. Cook a further 6-8 minutes before resting. Test by using your fingers to feel how firm the lamb feels. The firmer it is the more well done.
  • Serve with the creamed cauliflower and tabouli.


Lamb: Use lamb backstrap ( fillet), rump, steaks or cutlets
***You can use quinoa instead of couscous
***This will be a nicely dressed, fine chopped salsa resembling the usual tabouli style salad