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Semifreddo No Churn Icecream with cherries

Semifreddo No Churn Icecream

An easy no churn ice cream / semi freddo for the holidays. Make up to 1 day ahead. This recipe uses Australian cup measurements
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Servings 10


  • 6 whole eggs
  • 200 gm caster sugar 1
  • 80 ml water 4 Tablespoons
  • 1/2 vanilla bean scraped or vanilla extract
  • 200 gm nut paste very smooth (almond, pistachio , hazelnut or 1of thick fruit puree) ( 1 cup)
  • 400 gm cream ( I use thickened cream for the extra boost of gelatine but whipping cream is fine)

Poached Cherries ( or other spiced fruit)

  • 500 ml Chai Tea well brewed Rabbit Hole or similar 2 cups
  • 50 gm caster sugar 4 tablespoons
  • 40 ml lemon Juice 1/2 lemon
  • 300 gm cherries deseeded for easier eating
  • 3 tablespoons glucose from the supermarket


  • You will need a large loaf tin or round 23 cm / 10 in cake tin lined with baking paper (so it can be released easily)
  • Beat the cream till it is thick and spoonable. Put into the fridge till needed
  • Put the eggs and vanilla into a bowl and leave to whip on high while you prepare the sugar syrup.
  • Put the 200 gm (1 cup) of sugar and 80 ml water into a small pot and stir gently until the sugar is starting to dissolve. Let it come to the boil then take off the heat.
  • When the eggs have almost tripled in volume and are thick and cream like, turn down to low and gradually pour the hot sugar syrup in a steady stream down the side of the mixer into the eggs till it is all incorporated. Turn to high and beat till cool. This is the most important part of the ice cream .
  • Take a spatula and start to fold through the nut or fruit puree being careful to keep the air in the mixture. Add the cream in two lots. Pour into the mould you have chosen ( I used a loaf tin for one and individual tins for the other)
  • Freeze over night

For the cherries

  • Put the remaining 1/4 cup of sugar into a pot with the strained tea and bring up to the boil. When it boils turn it off. Add the cherries and put on the lid. Leave for 10 minutes for a lightly poached fruit.
  • Remove the cherries from the syrup add the glucose and reduce by 2/3. You will have a shiny syrup that will thicken a little when cold. Add lemon juice to taste .
  • Serve your Semi Freddo with extra nuts and fruit.
  • I used hard Nougat on one and chocolate on the other