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  1. Pieter

    Found this on the web. Instant hit. Only trouble there was no oven temperature. For two people use 2 small eggs and half ingredients for 20 minutes on 160 pre heated. Did not use fruit but used orange and almond Lindt chocolate. Fantastic result. Great for any dinner party. Many thanks

    • My Kitchen Stories

      Hi Pieter hope we are talking about the recipe I wrote for warm chocolate mousse. You may be mistaken as there is an oven temperature but glad you enjoyed anyway.

  2. Angela

    Another sensational recipe that I simply must make! Just need to make a list of your recipes and work through them as soon as possible.
    Thanks again,

  3. Diane

    I’ve tried it and it is the divine of divine- and so simple (even for me!) but that brittle!!! Aie aie aie!!! I’ll raid your freezer

  4. Tenille @ My Family Table

    Oh *drool*. I have some hazelnuts in the pantry too. I bought them when I was trying to decide what to cook for the hop. Now I know what to use them for!

    • taniacusack

      Well I wouldn’t have thought so either but apparently according to my teenager there is such a think as too chocolatey

  5. Nic

    Looks delicious, I’ve never heard of baking a mousse before, I guess it’s kind of like a chocolate custard or creme brulee, which I don’t usually like, but as you’ve called it a mousse, I’d probably give it a go. Oh, the psychology of fussy eating!

    • taniacusack

      Hi Nic, yes baking a mousse dose seem unusual but it is very delicious, a bit like a chocolate tart without the crust. it is light and airy and not eggy at all. Give it a try

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