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I love to see new food products and cooking equipment.

But, not all products or services are a good fit for My Kitchen Stories. I am aware that all products have passionate producers and that nothing is for free. I do not accept a product or service if I feel it is not something I can cook with or will benefit my readers. Readers quickly become fatigued with a constant stream of product reviews.

Some products and product launches are far better filtered to social media. I have healthy social media platforms and a responsive audience and this is often a more effective place to showcase some products and restaurant launches. Please by all means approach me about this.

I can work with you on Recipe Development and Editing, Recipe testing, Product Development, Labeling and HACCP Requirements and Food Photography.


Salad of cauliflower

Recipe Development and Editing

If you are looking for an experienced recipe developer or editor I am always looking for opportunities. I have developed recipes for both website publication, recipe cards as marketing tools and educational material about product use. I am……..

  • A Qualified chef trained in commercial cookery and costing
  • I understand that people have limited time
  • Ingredients must be easily obtained
  • People just need an idea to get enthused
  • I can write recipes for any product
  • I can use your sauce or product in a great recipe
  • I can write gluten  free recipes
  • Healthy or indulgent recipes
  • I have worked as a restaurant pastry chef
  • I have worked as a caterer in my own business and with others ( e.g rockpool catering)
  • Experienced in Asian Cuisine ( worked with Kylie Kwong)
  • I have a great knowledge of cheese

Some of my work includes

Kialla Pure Foods 

Recipes for Organic Pancake Mix

Recipes for Kialla Gluten free Flour Mix


Gluten Free Cookies

 Simply Stirred Gourmet Sauces and Condiments

Chicken ansd sesame balls

Baked Chicken Bites rolled in Simply Stirred Sauce

Cadbury- Mondelez International.

Frozen Chocolate Mousse cups (2)

Frozen Chocolate Mousse Cups

 Philadelphia Cream Cheese- i prospect , here, here and here     Cadbury- Mondelez International

Strawberry Breakfast bagel

A series of posts over 6 weeks. Cream Cheese and Bagels.

Accor Hotels- i prospect

Chocolate fondue

Come and see the Sydney Chocolate Festival and stay with Accor

 Harper Collins Publishers Australia 

Valle Little /  Feel Good Food

Gluten Free Mince Tarts 1

 Fiji Water & Honest Cooking         

Porch and parlours Pea pancake

Porch and parlours Pea pancake

# Fiji waters Hometown guide Sydney Eats campaign


Ricotta Tart with homemade flakey pastry

Perfect Flaky Pastry and Ricotta Slice

 Frico Cheese & Nuffnang  

Frico Landkaas recipes


Weeknight Lamb Cutlets with Cheesy Panko Crust &  Cheesy One pot Chicken with Dutch Frico Lankaas Cheese – same page

Barbeques Galore. here  here    


Barbeques Galaore

5 Marinade to get your grilling season started,  How to BBQ a side of Salmon, Dessert on the BBQ

  Maille Mustard and here too

Maille Mustard

Stuffing Balls and Tiny Eggs Benedict

Doodles Creek Products     


Bahn Mie witth Doodles Creek 2

Roza’s Gourmet Sauces

Hot lover sauce and Prawns

Prawns with Hot Lover sauce

Queen Foods

Rainbow CakeRainbow Cake new Colours

Oliving by Hans and Mamot Inc 

Fennel-Blood Orange-Crisp-Peperilli -Salad

Fennel Salad with Blood Orange and Crispy Peperilli

Super A Mart  

Making baklava 3 a

A Trip to Auburn

Game Farm products 

for My Kitchen Stories website and social media


Australia on a Plate  Cheese & ready made product recipes

for website

horseradish skordalia


Essential Ingredient Sydney: Website  Guides

Making risotto

 Rabbit Hole Tea Bar 

for My Kitchen Stories website and social media


Quince and Raspberry Crumble


 Lario Food and Wine Co.

for My Kitchen Stories website


Bronte Pistachio Cheesecake


 Kialla Pure Foods

for my kitchen stories website and social media



Australian Macadamias

for My Kitchen Stories website and social media


1 bowl cake - Copy

Trenton International

Trade expo and catalogue using imported disposable food containers & :


If you would like to work with My Kitchen Stories please contact Tania through the contact tab.


or email tania@mykitchenstoriesDOTcomDOTau