How to make Ice cream Cake without an ice cream machine
Quick and easy. Decorate how you like! This recipe uses Australian cup measurements
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  • 150 gm Self raising flour (or gluten free flour, 1 cup )
  • 4 Tablespoons cocoa ( dark Dutch cocoa)
  • 70 gm caster sugar (1/3 cup)
  • 150 gm melted butter
  • 100 gm biscuits ( Marie, granita, or any sweet plain biscuit will do-or rice cookies
Ice Cream
  • 395 ml condensed milk (1 tin)
  • 600 ml cream (thickened or pure)
  • ½ vanilla bean
  • 150 ml cream
  • 100 gm dark chocolate (70% is perfect)
The base of this frozen cake is baked briefly. You could make a chilled one by adding more butter. Use a 24 cm (10in) loose base cake tin sides & base lined with baking paper stuck down with spray. My tin is quite deep up to 6 inches (15 cm). You can use a bigger tin to 26 cm
Chocolate Base
  1. Oven 170
  2. For the base, put the all the dry ingredients into a food processor and combine till fine. Add the melted butter.
  3. Press this into the base of the cake tin. For a thinner base don't use all of the base. Bake this for 15 minutes or until it looks a little bit puffy.Cool in the fridge.
  4. To make the ice cream, put the condensed milk, vanilla and cream into the bowl of a mixer and beat till thick and fluffy. The mixture will hold peaks.
  5. Pour the cream into the cake tin and freeze over night or until you are ready.
  6. To glaze, heat the cream till hot, cool a little then add the well chopped chocolate and stir till dissolved.
  7. Run a knife around the cake and de-mould. Pour the chocolate glaze over the ice cream cake and spread with a smooth pallet knife. Let it set a little before quickly decorating. You can refreeze the cake with the glaze if you prefer.
  8. Decorate with strawberries, raspberries or chocolate lollies what ever you like
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