10 Delicious Soups you should be making now.

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There is nothing like a handy list is there?. Here are 10 Delicious Soups you should be making now. It’s cold outside.

10 Delicious Soups

10 Delicious Soup recipes you should be making

1. Lets start with the crowd pleasing Lasagne Soup. This one especially pleases the pasta lovers amongst us. It’s just like Lasagne only quicker…and a little more soup like.

Lasagne Soup

Get the recipe for Lasagne Soup right here.

2. Now what would you say to a nice big bowl of noodle soup? This one is a one pot wonder for sure. It has all the flavors you could ever want or need …

10 Delicious soups

Chicken Noodle Soup- Unexpected comfort

Get the recipe for Chicken Noodle Soup right here .

3. Mushroom soup just never gets old for me and this one is a real beauty.

Mushroom Soup, preserved lemon and cashews

Follow this link to get the recipe for Mushroom Soup

4. What about a good old fashioned soup?. I can never go past Pea and Ham .

Green Pea Soup

Green Pea Soup, Smoked Ham and Creme Fraiche Dumplings

Get old fashioned with the recipe for Pea and ham Soup here

5. Would weeknights be the same without some sweet potato? I think not!

Sweet Potato Lentil Soup with Bacon

Here’s the recipe right here!!

6. When winter closes in I pull out the Cauliflower there is nothing like it.

Cauliflower macadamia Soup

Cauliflower and Macadamia soup

Cauliflower Macadamia Soup with Lemon

Find out how to make this Cauliflower Lemon Soup here

7. What about this soup. You an make it with any vegetable you have on hand.

Leftover Vegetable soup

How to make a Stunning Soup from left over Vegetables

Get the easy instructions here

8. This is one of my all time favourites. Easy and very impressive.

Hoisin Salmon Meatballs in Asian Broth

Get the recipe for this Salmon Meat ball soup here

9. This chicken soup with Easy Prawn wontons could be just the answer to all your problems

Chicken Wonton soup

Chicken Soup Easy Prawn Wontons

Recipe inspiration is right here . Chicken soup with Easy Prawn Wontons 

10. Cauliflower Cheese Soup?. Yep, you got it right here. I used a Peppered Triple cream cheese but you could use any extra creamy cheese you can get your hands on.

Peppered d’Affinois Cheese and Cauliflower Soup

Cauliflower and Cheese Soup Recipe HERE

So why not make some of these 10 Delicious Soups recipes. Go on!!



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