My Own Engraved Chopping Board

Engraved chopping board
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Byron Bay Chopping Boards sent me my own Chopping Board. This fantastic wooden Chopping Board is engraved with My Kitchen Stories!

Engraved chopping board

I couldn’t be happier.

I’m using it in my videos.

The board is made from one solid piece of timber and engraved. Yep, you can engrave in wood.

Engraved chopping board

Byron bay chopping boards can personalise boards for all kinds of special occasions. They can make an engraved chopping board with logos for corporate events, weddings or gifts. They custom make for restaurants too.

My board is made from Camphor Laurel. This is a hardwood and antimicrobial, meaning it naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria. There are all kinds of sizes and shapes on the website.

My Own Engraved Chopping Board

Of course  you don’t have to travel to Byron Bay to get one, just go onto their website, choose a board and send them your logo and they’ll send it back to you when it’s ready. The boards travel well and have been sent to restaurants and homes all around the world! You can check if they can send to your country on the website or email.

If you live in Sydney, NSW or Queensland though they also visit markets and festivals and sell in some special shops. Check the list here and see if there is an address near you.

Engraved chopping board

The Camphor Laurel boards are being made sustainably from trees sourced from the Byron bay hinterland and other parts of NSW. Using the wood from these trees makes room for Blue Gum trees to grow. Blue gums are the main source of food for Koalas.

Any way, I love my board. look out for it in my upcoming videos.

 They make a great gift (for yourself)

I was gifted this engraved chopping board to try. It looks great in my videos.

 Visit .


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