Bocconcini and Bubbles. A Bocconcini workshop.

Bocconcini and Bubbles
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Bocconcini and Bubbles. That’s what the class is called and it’s fun. The tricks and tips to making Bocconcini whilst sipping bubbly.

Bocconcini making classes

Making fresh cheese is supposed to be a pretty simple process and it seems a few people have ventured out on a cold Monday night to learn the art of cheese making at home. According to Marly, who is instructing us tonight,  that’s the idea. She wants to get us all making cheese at home.

About 18 of us grab a seat and settle in by finding out a bit about each other. The three girls sitting beside me have arrived together. They tell me they thought they should get involved in an activity that isn’t eating and drinking. I am completely amused by this notion as they will be taking handmade cheese home with them to eat….blessed are the cheese makers, especially funny ones.

Bocconcini and Bubbles

It’s rare to find people that don’t like cheese and although not everyone wants to make their own, the science behind it is what draws me in. There are just a couple of things you need to make Bocconcini, Mozzarella and Burrata (a cream filled knotted cheese), all a variation on the same cheese base.

Bocconcini and Bubbles whorshops

Work-shop Sydney are running this Bocconcini and Bubbles class. They have all kinds of courses, for all kinds of people, but this one for the cheese lovers is the first I have done. This class is short and sweet with just enough information to get you thirsty for your very own cheese journey. If you want a more in depth tuition Marly from Omnom Cheese Making runs courses and couching at her school in Northern Sydney.

Bocconcini and Bubbles

Once we understand how the stretch gets into the cheese we are let loose on our very own bowl of white stretchy goodness. It’s quite a thrill to stretch and shape your own Mozzarella. I can’t say Bocconcni because most peoples efforts are big round Mozzarella sized orbs. Bocconcini will take more practice for most of us. You need to work fast once you begin shaping and within minutes we all have a big bowl of communal fresh cheese in front of us and a contented glow (is that the bubbles talking?) .

So what are the musts for fresh cheese making?. A thermometer, citric acid and some rennet along with a really good whole homogenised milk. Want to have a go?

Bocconcini and BubblesThe only thing I would advise is to take a apron along.

I have decided that those buckets of bocconcini in the cheese store suddenly look very good value as 2 litres of milk makes about 400 gm of cheese.

Bocconcini and BubblesThese classes are run through work-shop sydney and Omnom. You might also like this cheesy recipe like.

This class was paid for by My Kitchen Stories.
Bocconcini and


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