Easy Baked Salmon with two Minute Noodles

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Easy Baked Salmon with Two Minute Noodles

Baked salmon with two minute noodles


Now this Easy Baked Salmon with Two Minute Noodles is one of those dinners you will be putting on rotation at your house.

Hey I know this because it’s so delicious and so darn easy. I wish I was eating it right now.

It takes about 20 minutes from start to finish.

Salmon with two minute noodles

It is really open to adjustments too. You can put any vegetables or noodles you want with it. Do you like Wasabi? Maybe you love Kewpie Japanese mayonnaise just like we do?. No matter what you put with it you’ll love Easy Baked Salmon with two minute noodles.

The one must though is the Japanese inspired marinade / dressing. Sesame oil and soy with a touch of sweetness is a recipe for the perfect dinner. Anything that starts with those simple ingredients has to be good and this is NO exception. The sweetness comes in the form of Maple Syrup. This natural tree syrup is at home with savoury ingredients and I go through stacks of it in everything, especially soy based dishes like this.

baked salmon with two minute noodles

All you need is 4 slices of salmon, some vegetables and some quick cooking noodles and you are set. The first thing you’ll need to do is pop the oven on. Make the marinade with a spoon of this and that, then leave the fish to sit in that while you get out a pot for the two minute noodles. This really is the quickest gourmet meal you will have all week. If you made my How to BBQ Salmon recipe  then you may have some Furikake left in the cupboard…this would be a great dish to use it on.  Furikake is a Japanese seasoning mix that includes sesame seeds and seaweed. It’s great as a sprinkle on baked fish and on soups too.

baked salmon with two minute noodlesBaked salmon with two minute noodlesBaked Salmon with Two minute noodles


baked salmon with two minute noodles

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Easy Baked Salmon with two Minute Noodles
My Kitchen Stories: 
The ultimate in quick dinners this will set you back about 20 minutes or so. Besides that it tastes like heaven.
  • 4 pieces of salmon ( approx 150 gm each)
  • 200 gm sugar snap peas
  • ½ red capsicum sliced,
  • 80 ml soy sauce, (4 tablespoons)
  • 40 ml Sesame oil (2 Tablespoons )
  • 40 ml maple syrup (2 Tablespoons)
  • 40 ml lemon juice ( Tablespoons)
  • 2 packets 2 minute noodles- I use ones without Palm oil. You could also use soba noodles if you adjust the cooking time
  • 500 ml chicken stock,unsalted (2 cups )
  • 1 Tablespoon ginger, grated
  • Chopped coriander and chillis to serve.
  • 1 Tablespoon Sesame seeds or Furitake
Turn the oven onto 180 C / 350 F.
Line a baking tray with paper.
  1. Put the marinade ingredients into a bowl and stir
  2. Add the fish flesh side down into the marinade and leave to stand.
  3. Meanwhile de-string the sugar snap peas and slice the red capsicum and mix together putting them onto the tray in a pile that the fish will rest on.
  4. Put the fish and all of the marinade on top of the vegetables sprinkle with sesame seeds or furikake and put them into the oven. Set the timer fr 10 minutes.
  5. Meantime put the stock and the grated ginger onto the stove and just bring up to the boil. Add the noodles and simmer for 2 minutes until done. Set aside for a minute with a lid on to keep warm
  6. Once the timer rings check the fish. by pressing with your fingers on the thickest part of the fish. It should have a bit of give and be a nice light orange colour. I like mine to be underdone. If you need to bake more put it back in for 5 or so minutes.
  7. Serve with the noodles and the soy marinade dressing and vegetables.
  8. You can add Japanese mayonnaise, chopped chilli of any kind even Jalapenos.
You can use pickled ginger in this recipe either to serve or slice and mix with the vegetables before cooking.
Add sliced green onion or chives if you like
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