Celebrate Australia Day with these 10 ideas

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10 Ways to Celebrate Australia Day


Australia Day

Are you searching for  a little Australia Day inspiration?.

You are?

Good because I have come up with a collection. They are of course knowing me, mostly desserts but I am very sure you will be inspired to get cooking this weekend.The Cherry Ripe Slice above is a given. It’s a much loved classic. I have been making this one for years. It’s baked and that is what makes it both caramel y around the edges and perfect for a picnic because it DOESN’T rely on a refrigerator to hold it together. Even Skater loves this one.

  1. Find the recipe here– Cherry Ripe Slice @My Kitchen Stories

Oh my goodness. I love this idea below, don’t you? They are pretty and by all accounts very delicious. A bowl of these on the table would make your day   

    2. No Bake Iced Vovo Balls  from Swah @Love Swah.  They just have to be the best new Australian idea this year

Australia Day

What about this one from Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella. Do you think you could handle a Frozen Chocolate Bomb?

3.   Here is the recipe for this giant Tim Tam Bomb. Wow it looks amazing!

Australia Day

OR this from Sara @ Belly Rumble’s

Cheeselova. The best of two worlds. Pavlova meets Cheesecake. She made it for Christmas but I think it is perfect for Australia Day.

4.  Cheeselova recipe here

Australia Day

Oh stop it……Sarah @ The Sugar Hit has outdone herself with this…… Milo Pie …..yipee!

5. No Bake Milo Pie

Australia Day

Then the best most simple and irresistibly iconic ” Mars Bar and Malteser Slice”. This one is from Lauren @ Create Bake Make

6.  Mars Bar and Malteser No Bake Slice

Australia day

Could you, would you, resist Baby Lamingtons ?. No of course not and they from me @ My Kitchen Stories. Oh what a great picnic food to make if you are going to an Australia Day ceremony. Perhaps becoming an Aussie.  You must take a plate of these and offer them around.

7. Baby Lamingtons with Raspberry Dipping Sauce

Australia DayI promised some savoury dishes too, so here we go.  Nagi @ Recipe Tin Eats has posted these lip smacking ribs. They could be made ahead and warmed on a BBQ perhaps?

8. Oven Baked BBQ Pork Ribs

Australia day

And I just had to include these golden looking Sausage rolls from Charlie @ Hotly Spiced.  If Charlie can make sausage rolls with homemade sauce amongst everything else she has to do, then we can too. They look like perfect party/ picnic food too!

9. Sausage Rolls with Homemade Sauce

Australia Day

And do you like a nice tipple on a relaxed day. How about some Australian themed cocktails?.   Jim and Christina @ Mr and Mrs Romance have pulled together 3 perfect cocktails for Australia Day.  I want the Aussie Sailor Cocktail. What about you?

10. Australia Day Themed Cocktails

Australia Day

Ok hop to it and enjoy yourself. I’ll be back on Monday with an exciting new recipe.



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