Tiny Eggs Benedict with Prosecco Cocktails

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Tiny Eggs Benedict- My Kitchen Stories

Tiny Eggs Benedict with Prosecco Cocktails.

Well, last week I was getting into the swing of entertaining, and by that I mean that somebody rang me on Friday night and said that they wouldn’t be able to see Skater and I at Christmas could they come in the morning- early! That’s Saturday morning around 9.30 to 10 am . My first thoughts were ….will I be awake, because I get up at 5.45 am each morning and the thought of that on a Saturday just had me reeling. And next, what can I cook and who’s going to tidy up the house…..came in stereo.

Tiny Eggs Benedict

So I made Tiny Eggs Benedict and chased them down with Lemon Delicious Prosecco Cocktails. I know, I know, but I am a hoarder for just such emergencies and I had everything here in the fridge. Garrrr, I know you are probably thinking, sure Quail eggs? Does she buy them on a weekly basis?

And that would be no, I don’t, but I had two packets from a recipe I was dreaming up and never got around to making. It just made me think….hmmm? Quail eggs are the perfect canapé food. Right?. They are tiny, they are cute, they can be poached, boiled or fried and heaven knows they could make tiny scrambled eggs aww …sweet.

I am going so far as to suggest that like me you could make something sweet and cute at a moments notice if you keep a couple of packs in the fridge during the holidays. Yes, I know and while you are at it stock pile some Prosecco, it’s ever so well priced ( and delicious).

Tiny Eggs Benedict

You may have noticed that I have used some Maille products. I was sent those the night before my visitors arrived and they became part of the feast and I was ever so grateful to have them.  The thing that usually takes the longest when you make Eggs Benedict is the Hollandaise sauce, correct?. Well I had to take a shortcut so, you do as you wish. Make your own if you like, but I didn’t have time. This alternative was more than fine. You can get it in the supermarket.

Tiny Eggs Benedict

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Tiny Eggs Benedict
My Kitchen Stories: 
So cute who could resist. Whip these up with ingredients from the cupboard
  • 12 quail eggs
  • 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil
  • 12 slices of baguette or small round roll
  • 50 gm softened butter ( 1.76 oz)
  • 20 gm frozen spinach defrosted and squeezed (0.7 oz)
  • 1 small clove of crushed garlic ( optional)
  • 50 gm- 100 gm sliced leg ham (1.76/ 3.5 oz)
  • 1 jar of Maille Hollandaise
  • Wholegrain Mustard to garnish
  1. Mix the spinach butter and garlic ( if using) with a ground black pepper to make a smooth spread. Set aside
  2. Slice the rolls into equal sized rounds and toast one side under the grill. Turn over and spread with the spinach butter on the untoasted side and top with a slice of ham. Set aside.
  3. Heat a fry pan then add a little oil. Break each egg gently into a small cup and pour into the frypan one at a time. (Quail eggs are hard to crack. Use a small sharp knife to put a small dent or cut in the shell before breaking into the cup).
  4. Turn the heat down a little and cook the eggs till the white are just done. Use an egg slice to put each one onto the top of the toast.
  5. Put a spoon of hollandaise sauce onto each one.
I like to put a dab of wholegrain mustard onto the top and pop the whole toast back under the grill for 2 minutes just till the hollandaise starts to bubble ( this is optional )
  1. Add salt and pepper!
Tiny Eggs Benedict

Now all those Tiny Eggs Benedict can bring on a real thirst at brunch. Make the easiest Cocktail possible. Just  3 ingredients!

Lemon Delicious Prosecco Cocktail

Lemon Delicious Cocktails

5.0 from 3 reviews
Lemon Delicious Prosecco Cocktails
My Kitchen Stories: 
This is so easy and delicious. Give it a try.
  • 1 Bottle of Prosecco
  • 1 tub of lemon sorbet (500 gm - ½ lb)
  • ½ cup of good quality Lime cordial ( Monin or Bickfords)
  • Lemon slices for extra flavour ( or garnish if you like)
  1. Chill some champagne or cocktail glasses
  2. Put a table spoon of softened lemon sorbet into each glass.
  3. Top with 2 drops of lime syrup
  4. Fill the glass with Prosecco and mix till creamy and frothy with a long teaspoon
  5. drink!
  6. Serve with a fine slice of lemon if you like.
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