Better Homes and Gardens Live- Discount Tickets here

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Better Homes and Gardens cast 2015 1



I went to lunch this week with the crew from Better Homes and Gardens. It is time to launch The Better Homes and Gardens Live road show. I have never been to one of the live shows. Have you?.

Like all shows of this nature, each year they need to make it bigger and better than the last. By all accounts this sounds like a good one, there will be masterclasses and DYI projects and all kinds of ways you can get involved in the show in a hands on way. This year masterclasses will be small so you will get the opportunity to create something you can take away with you and have the advantage of expert advise on a more personal level. You will need to book these so book as soon as you can to reserve a place. The show will of course be bringing all the usual demos on the food stage by Ed and Karen, along with stage areas devoted to design and styling advise and craft sessions. Don’t forget to bring your questions for the gardening boys and look out for lots of information on building projects around the house. This year there will also be beauty and wellness, finances and travel too, along with a special Kidzone.

Meeting the presenters is part of the appeal of the show for lots of people and according to each of the cast and crew that is part of the reason that they enjoy the live show themselves. They get to speak to their fans and that’s always a bonus with such a long running show because it’s a chance to see how the show is working from the viewers perspective. It’s an opportunity to get new ideas and work on some old ones. So, for those of you who love the presenters, there will be plenty of chances to have a chat, and have your photo taken. Be warned if you have naughty or tricky questions about your pet though because Doctor Harry is the most popular of the personalities.

I sat opposite Joanna Griggs for lunch and made chocolates with Ed Halmagyi and I can tell you the appeal is real. In fact the cast and the crew- including editor Julia Zaeta, producers and support staff are engaged and friendly. It’s always a little surreal to see the small screen people that visit your lounge room become a real person sitting right there with you at lunch. They are all far more attractive in person than on TV, even the cheeky Fast Ed.

Better Homes and gardens- Joanna and Ed

The show starts this year in Perth Exhibition Centre for the first time …. October 23rd to 25th.

Sydney it’s your turn November 13th-15th at Sydney Showground, Homebush.   

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The Better Homes and Gardens lunch was held at “The Greens” in Ridge Street, North Sydney. This is a tiny bowling club that is a big surprise. The dining area is framed by big windows that look out onto bowling greens, that I am sure provide lots of group fun and entertainment. Most people come here for the food both lunch and dinner and breakfast on the weekend. I hear it is kid friendly and there is space for the kids to run around outside.

The greens room

This was the perfect choice for a food based program because the food was THE highlight of the launch. We also had a little taste of the hands on workshop activities that will be part of the show. Ed helped us all make white chocolate daisies during lunch.

Ed making Chocolate

Here’s what we ate. First an Antipasto plate starting with an antipasto plate on arrival.

Antipasta The greens

Heritage Tomato Salad with Dried Olives and Basil and Grilled Haloumi with Pickled Grapes, Puffed Rice, Mint and Caraway dressing

Heirloom Tomato salad with dried olives, whipped gaots milk feta


Grilled haloumi, pickled grapes,mint puffed rice and carraway

Grilled Asparagus, shaved Pecorino, Crumbed Egg and truffle oil. Salad of Roast beets, Pickled Apple, Walnut and Cress

Crumbed Egg, Apsparagus, shaved pecorino

Salad of Baby beets, pickled apple, walnuts and fennel

Salad of Poached Chicken, Kale, Quinoa, Pear and Yoghurt and  Smoked Trout, Preserved Lemon, Wild Rice and Pickled Cucumber.

free range chicken, kale, quinoa, pear and yoghurt


Smoked Trout salad wild rice pickled cucumber preserved lemon and chilli

12 hour slow Roast Lamb Shoulder with Roasted Root Vegetables, Lemon and Herbs

12 hour slow roast lamb

The Chips

Here are the guys showing us how to paint our chocolate flowers with Gold lustre dust before we attempt it ourselves.

Working out how to decorate the chocolate

Ed demonstrating painting of chocolate

Lunch with Better Homes and gardens



My Kitchen Stories was a guest at The better Homes and Gardens Launch.

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