Travel Penang Food Tour April 2016!!

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Hand made noodles Penang

Travel Penang Food tour

I have some very exciting news, I am nearly bursting with it.

Have you ever been to Penang? Have you ever wondered where it is or heard about the incredible food or how easy it is to travel in Malaysia?

Preparing Duck at the Skyline

I have a long history with Penang. When I was younger ( ahem*), I was so in love with Penang that I went there 6 times in the space of 2 years. It was the food, the tropical weather, the people, the music and the laid back charm of the old town that just kept me enthralled.

Interesting Characters around every cornerLast year I returned, after a long absence. I wondered if Penang would once again weave it’s magic spell on my heart and….it did. I was worried that if I was older (and more sober), if Penang would still pull me in as it had years ago, when I went to the clubs and ate at the restaurants that spring up on the streets late at night. Well it did.  In fact I loved it more. I spent my days peeking into cafes, food stalls and cooking schools and eating 4 meals a day ( I know but someone has to). I discovered local dishes that I had never heard of and met people that were only too happy to talk about their town.Making indian treatsPenang is a melting pot of cuisines . Indian, Chinese, Malaysian, Nyonya and the new modern Penang as well.  And when you are sick of food ( if that could be possible), trade it in for a trip to the coast and a walk along the sand in the cool breeze.

I have gone ahead and got all excited and I have not stopped to tell you why. I think Penang may be the most accessible, affordable, easily negotiated, exciting city for food to go to, so close to Australia. It is exotic yet English speaking and only a few hours time difference to us. And I’d love you to experience it with me.

I am hosting a trip with the very experienced Rush Expeditions to Georgetown, Penang.

AND I WANT YOU TO COME travel Penang!

Great little restaurants

It’s the perfect place. If you have never been to Asia before … you’ll soon feel at home, we can look together… and if you have…..well, you’ll love it, there is so much to explore. It’s for everyone. Bring your sister or your daughter or your husband… and bring your appetite and travel Penang.

Do you want to hear what we are going to do? Cause I can’t wait to tell you.

Day 1 is for arriving , being picked up, settling into our brilliant Hotel.

Day 2   The first day of the tour is packed full of fun, and begins in the markets. This will be the start of all the excitement because this local produce will be only part of all the food you will be sampling in the next few days. Experience the market community and try all kinds of snacks…. there are so many choices. Market stallsYou’ll have a chance to try some Penang specialities like Assam Laksa and Chendul (a shaved ice dessert that is one of Penang’s most Instagramed attractions)

Assam Laksa and Chedul stall

Then if that’s not enough, lunch at one of Penang’s oldest Indian restaurants for Murtabak and Nasi Kandar , a well known and much loved curry dish . Walking off the snacks around the Georgetown heritage listed centre will prepare you for more snacks to come.  This town is such a mixture of old and new, you are going to love it. The streets are flat and there are plenty of opportunities to take photos. The local government in Georgetown are progressive and support street art. Each year there is a street art festival, so there is plenty to see.

Street art

In the late afternoon we will take you to an old Chinese settlement where the houses are built on stilts over the sea and the traditional home made snacks will sustain you till dinner. Tonight we try Street food from one of the many hawker stalls where locals eat. Even if you aren’t hungry ( really?) you will love watching food being cooked.

Hawker Market Meals


Today will be just as exciting……..

We’ll head off to breakfast to eat Roti Canai. This is a hugely popular hot layered breakfast pastry with a curried dipping sauce. After breakfast we’ll take a walk past some of the temples that are part of the Penang streetscape and also take a peek inside one of Penang’s oldest houses to get a feel for some of the colourful reasons why this city is so vibrant and full of history.

Roti canai

Today’s lunch will be in a Nyonya restaurant. This is one of my personal favourite cuisines in Penang. It is a blend of Chinese ingredients with various distinct spices and cooking techniques used by the Malay/Indonesian community. Colourful and full of flavour and herbs.

Old Temples

the old penang meets the new

A Nyonya Feast

Nyonya Cuisine

This part of town is also on the road out to the beachside town of Teluk Bahang, where we will go next, because even food fiends need a bit of sea air.  Under the cool of the trees and right on the coastline is a  Tropical Spice Garden, where all kinds of herbs and spices are grown. There is a Tropical Botanical Garden here too with lots of naughty monkeys. While we are here we can try some local desserts and snacks. Crunchy prawn fritters and sticky rice dumplings. We should never miss an opportunity to try something.

Spice garden Doors Penang

The Spice Gardens are a beautiful tropical place with a chance to see some of the herbs and spices used in cooking, growing in the garden.  There will be time for a drink and don’t forget we haven’t had dinner yet! We’ll choose a great local restaurant and continue trying everything we can.

Oyster omlette



Day 4     Today is a combination of interesting history and a visit to Little India. This is always a place to see incredible delicacies, colourful temples and sometimes see street festivals.  We can try Teh Tarik, Malaysia’s famous pulled tea with condensed milk.

Indian sweets

We will also visit Wat Chayamangkalaram  where there is one of the biggest reclining Buddha’s in the whole of South East Asia. I am looking forward to this because it is years since I have seen this beauty. After a delicious lunch you will have the opportunity to explore the city yourself. Maybe drop by a local cafe and try the famous nutmeg juice or sit and watch the world go by with a beer or wine. I will be happy to give you some ideas. This evening you will be free to experience Penang, find a restaurant or cafe. You could head down to the wharf and choose some fresh seafood or head to the trendy China House Cafe for a cocktail and some music or even head along to a fine dining restaurant on Lebuh Muntri or  Muntri Street for a refined evening.

Fish at the Wharf

Day 5

Today you’ll get to explore some of the places in Penang you may have heard about or just want to go back to. Buy souvenirs or do a bit of shopping for unusual ingredients or cooking utensils. Have Yum Char or stand in line to get some of the best duck in Penang. I’ll show you where the locals head for coffee and Kaya Toast in the morning.

Whatever adventures you get up to today, bring them all to dinner and let us know what you did. Our last night will be a fabulous dinner together.

The Markets off Larong Chulia


Do you want to come?

This will be the food adventure of the year. So easy and so delicious. Contact me for more information or open the brochure here.  Need any help?. All prices and dates are on the brochure. Hurry places are very limited because small tours are the best!

This trip leaves in early April (9-14th). Gather your foodie friends and come along, we’ll have a ball.

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