Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch with Philly and Bagels

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Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch with Philly and bagels

Try this amazing breakfast.

This is such a good idea I am not sure how I didn’t think of it before. Crunchy, sweet salty and good for you….should they all be in the same sentence? On this occasion yes.

Banana and Caramel bagel with Dates and PHILLY

It’s perfectly heavenly breakfast food. In fact when I was asked to make a series of recipes for PHILADELPHIA Australia, I thought it was a great opportunity to see what kind of new products they make. I am very guilty of using lots of PHILADELPHIA cream cheese to make cheese cakes. I love cheesecakes, don’t you?  I go for the full cream blocks that I have always used, and they are always perfect. Cheesecake is my go to dessert because they use what ever ingredients are in season or in the fridge and also make a great gluten free dessert. I kind of fall back on that one.  READ MORE HERE

Oh and what about Brunch?

There is no getting past the fact that this is possibly my favourite brunch in the world. ….at the moment anyway.

Strawberry Bagel with cream cheese

Oh ….wait, I am actually lying because Skater turned down everything except the PHILLY cheese on the creamy vanilla scented soft as a pillow French toast bagel .  What???. You say. If you read these pages enough you will know that it is quite a struggle to get him interested in food. Luckily I have neighbours. Bless them. When I arrived at their door with a plate of Bagel French Toast with creamy PHILLY cheese and Chia Strawberry Jam and did I fail to mention sweet winter Strawberries?. Yes, yes I think I did.  They rejoiced and invited me in.           GET THE RECIPE HERE

Lunch is always good with Bagels and Philly…

This is the third recipe in a series I have done for Philadelphia Cream cheese spreadables. It’s been very enjoyable for me because I got stuck on making Cheesecakes with Philadelphia and it turns out there’s another whole world out there. I hadn’t realized PHILLY was so versatile. I’ve covered breakfast with the Banana, date and maple bacon bagel with PHILLY and then I moved onto brunch. How I love brunch, it usually means a sleep in for me and then something like this Creamy PHILLY, Strawberry Chia Jam and Cocoa bliss Bomb bagel . So next on my list is lunch, and here it is…Would you be pleased if I offered you this Crispy Chicken and Sweet Chilly PHILLY Bagel for lunch?.

Mexican Philly bagel with crispy chickenI am guessing you would. I know that if I had the chance to eat this all over again I’d like it.  This is a Crispy toasted bagel with Sweet Chilly PHILLY infused with spicy gorgeous flavour notes and a very lively coleslaw.

If you want to eat this LOOK HERE


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