How to make Mayonnaise with Chickpea Water

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I have discovered how to make mayonnaise with chickpea water. And it is simple. Watch the Video!

Mayonnaise with chickpea water

Chickpeas are one of the foods I completely love. They are something I can use in almost every area of my cooking, and that includes desserts too!.

They have been a bit of an internet sensation in the last year for the way that a can of chickpeas can be used in it’s entirety water and all. It is a revelation to me and most likely to you too. I have written and also adapted a collection of chickpea recipes recently, that I hope you will download and keep when I have finished.  I so wanted to share some of these with you now, and later when the book is finished it will be easy for you to down load them all together.

Mayonnaise with chickpea water

During this time I learnt that they are popular not only for the wonderful and versatile pea itself but as a substitute for eggs. I know strange right?

They are the perfect vegan food. Eat the peas and use the water to make all kinds of things including this fabulous mayonnaise. That means you can make a salad out of the peas and mayonnaise out of the water. Works so well together!  I love this because it can save not only waste, by allowing you to make your own mayonnaise in minutes with just the cost of a cup of oil, it’s awesome.

Mayonnaise with chickpea water

You will not believe just how easy it is. You can flavour it in any way you like. Try the basic recipe first then go back and next try some flavours- perhaps a flavoured oil maybe chilli or something like a rice bran or avocado oil, but test it out first then start adding any flavours you want. You could try garlic or curry or saffron or lots of wasabi. I added a whole avocado to it once it was made. A drop of extra lemon juice gave it zing and then I had an avocado purée that doesn’t go brown! I can use it as a mayonnaise or as a dip with chips or just slather it onto a taco. The possibilities are endless. It also keeps much longer than traditional mayonnaise because there are no eggs.

Mayonnaise with chickpea water
I knew that you were unlikely to believe me so I have put together a little clip. Watch and be amazed.

How to make Mayonnaise with Chickpea Water

**This video has sound.

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How to make Mayonnaise with Chickpea Water
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Don't waste the water from your chickpea can. Make Mayonnaise! This recipe uses a stick blender. This recipe uses Australian cup measurements
This will only work with an immersion blender
  • 80 ml Chickpea water (4 Tablespoons)
  • 10 gm dijon mustard (1 teaspoon)
  • 20 ml lemon Juice (1 tablespoon)
  • ½ teaspoon ( or a small pinch) sea salt- to taste for granulated salt
  • 250 ml oil, Rice bran or vegetable or nut oil (1 cup)
* Plus any flavourings you like chilli, cumin, turmeric, ginger, garlic, avocado
You will need a measuring jug or the deep cylindrical container of your stick blender for this recipe.
  1. Put the water, dijon, salt and lemon juice in to the jug.
  2. Follow this with the oil. Put the immersion blender to the bottom of the jug and turn it on
  3. As the liquid thickens and turns white lift the blender to incorporate all of the oil and blend till white and thick. This will take approximately ½ a minute.

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