Food Delivered to your Door

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What is Food delivered to your door?

If your week is anything like most families then sometimes just trying to fit in meal planning and shopping can be a task. When I am in this state a trip to the shops usually means I can only think of one thing at a time, like what’s for dinner. There is rarely time for planning ahead and this means I sometimes buy things I don’t need. Then the cycle begins again.

During a particularly hectic time last month, not one but two companies asked me to try their service. These two businesses are quite different, but provide the same service. They bring raw ingredients and the recipes for cooking delicious meals, straight to your door.  Yes that means, only having to buy store cupboard essentials for the kitchen and  no racking your brain trying to work out what to cook.

Just to clarify this isn’t at all like getting a supermarket delivery. This is a delivery of quality ingredients with a recipe devised to be delicious and easy to follow and usually quick. You go onto the website, choose the recipes that appeal to you and the weighed and measured food items are delivered to your door. Does that sound like a good idea?  I was a little sceptical, but I can tell you, it’s a very good idea. It doesn’t matter if you are a couple or have a whole family to feed, this idea is for you, and costs less per person than eating out.

According to the latest data, Australians only cook from scratch a couple of times a week, despite the fact that they like cooking. Most people have less than about 10 dishes on rotation and it seems run out of ideas and time so they order takeaway a few times a week. Is this you?.

Here are two ways to get fresh food and new ideas on rotation at your house.

The Cook’s Grocer  

Header cooks grocer

What kind of service do The Cook’s Grocer provide?

The Cook’s Grocer is about good cooking made simple. We produce a seasonal menu of monthly meal kits containing the finest ingredients and simple to follow recipes, all designed to be cooked in 30 minutes.

Mushroom-risotto-My-Kitchen-Stories 1

They work by providing ingredients for each meal that is hand packed and measured to exact portions so there is no waste.  The meals are labelled according to their components, for example gluten free, vegetarian, low sugar or one pot, and guaranteed to take 30-40 minutes. Meals change weekly and there is delivery all over Sydney 3 times a week. The food is delivered in bags with the recipes, all packed in thermal boxes. Everything you need in one bag ready to cook.

Cook's Grocer menus

Cooks Grocer

Elizabeth Master and Tim Ryder Photo: Craig Wilson

I received two bags which I did document in photos but I had a glitch with my camera card. The first meal was Wild Mushroom Risotto. The bag contained rice, parmesan, mushrooms , garlic, onion and a stock cube along with a small container of truffle oil. The second was a Moroccan Fish Tagine with Monk Fish, turmeric, chickpeas, lemon, coriander, beans, capsicum and chilli. Some items like salt and olive oil or butter are not included. The serves are enormous with two adults eating and leftovers for lunch. The recipes are very pared down so there is nothing tricky, it’s just all fresh clever cooking. Their suppliers include De Costi Seafood, Salt Meat and Cheese and  Meat sourced from NSW. There are options for you to sign up for weekly or fortnightly subscriptions that you can pause or cancel at any time . Prices are based on the meals that you choose. See the website for specials. You can also drop into The Cooks Grocer in Roselle for personal help.


My Food Bag


My Food bag 1My Food bag has moved along a lot further in their journey of supplying families with solutions for eating good food. In fact MFB claim to have done 4,370,709 food bags to date. They have a large team of chefs and nutritionists who contribute ideas and recipes. All produce like eggs, bacon and meat are free range. Seafood is sourced direct and all produce is both seasonal and organic (where possible). The commitment to fresh and seasonal is addictive and the relationship between My Food Bag and it’s suppliers is very close.

Roasted veg

The bags from MFB are packed full of ingredients as vegetables and herbs are supplied in full pieces and bunches.  Recipes are clever and easy to follow with unexpected extras often thrown in. The recipe cards can be collected and slotted into a great folder for future use.


Deliveries are made all over Sydney on a Sunday within a 2 hour delivery window. A text message will let you know your food has been dropped off in re-usable chiller bags with ice blocks. There are three different styles of food bags to choose from, ever changing choices and a money back offer if you are not happy.

Snapper with mediterranean vegetables

My Kitchen Stories- My Food Bag

I wrote a recipe for My Food Bag… yay, that’s it below… yep, there, that lamb dish below. I am very happy with it or at least I was when I cooked it and Nadia Lim from My Food Bag chose it to feature as one of their recipes. Have a look in the gourmet food section of my Food bag here. While you are there check out their specials.

Both The Cook’s Grocer and My Food Bag make great gifts.

Lamb shawarma with smoked eggplant

  • The Cooks Grocer: 1 National Street, Rozelle,
  • My Food Bag :


My Kitchen Stories received food bags from both companies


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