Ice Cream Desserts you can make without a Machine

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Raspberry Coconut Ice Cream


It’s warm here in the bottom half of the world and we want ice cream. Ice Cream is one of our favourite desserts and it would be just so great to make it at home while the fruits of summer are cheap, and while we could possibly have more people to feed than usual. An Ice Cream based dessert is so useful because it is made a day or two before we need it. That means easy in my books. You don’t need an ice cream machine to make these desserts. You just need a blender or mixer and a freezer. Most of us have those and so believe it or not you can have as much ice cream as you like. This is a list of the best ice cream desserts to make without a machine.

There are a few ways to make ice cream without a machine here are just a couple of them. You can go for the frozen fruit blend or the condensed milk way. You can make a great Semi Freddo in almost any flavour or you can make a frozen chocolate mousse.  Just remember, these ice creams are usually best made in a loaf tin or a round cake tin so they can be sliced easily. Dress them  up elegantly before serving

Raspberry and Coconut Ice cream

1. Raspberry and Coconut. This one is made with two ingredients ..Raspberry and Coconut. Gluten Free.  Read more  HERE

Tropical mango and Passionfruit icecream tart

2. This Mango and Passionfruit Ice Cream Cake couldn’t be easier. It makes an impressive dessert for the summer ahead. Gluten Free.  Look in HERE

Chcolate Christmas ice cream cake

3. Did you ever think a Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream Cake would be part of your dessert repertoire?. It can be. It’s made with ridiculously easy and addictive Condensed Milk Ice Cream.  Try this recipe HERE

Ice cream cake and tropical fruit

4. How about this Caramel and Summer Fruit Ice Cream Cake.   It’s made with Christmasy Speculaas biscuits and Condensed Milk Ice Cream. Just add fruit for a very elegant finish Gluten Free. See HERE

Butterscotch icecream with crumbs

5. Caramel and Banana and Coconut, now there’s a combination. They make the most beautiful bruleed banana dessert . Get that HERE

Frozen chocolate mousse

6. Maybe you just need chocolate?. Make this Frozen Chocolate Mousse in a loaf tin and serve slices with berries. Gluten Free.  Find out HERE

Olive oil semi freddo

7. Vanilla Olive Oil Semi Freddo with Berries.  A semi freddo always works it’s magic. this one is made with olive oil. Gluten free . Look HERE

 The Best Ice Cream Desserts you can make without a Machine

There’s lots more too so get started while it’s hot and become a no machine expert.

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