Chocolate Refrigerator Cake

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Make this Chocolate Refrigerator cake any old time. It can be made gluten free by replacing the biscuits with gluten free ones.

Refrigerator chocolate cake Chocolate Refrigerator Cake

This makes a great Easter treat and reminds me of holidays by the beach as a teenager.

I was locked in the annex to the caravan.

Really?. Did he think that could stop me escaping? Well, in my opinion, he certainly would have to try harder. And that’s what I was thinking as I uprooted a tent peg and pushed under the canvas side of the enclosure. Nothing was going to stop me going back to the beach and hanging out with the surfers.

Every Easter we went to a caravan park in Kiama. It rained every year and each year I grew older and more interested in life outside the caravan. Life that excluded my controlling parents, my sisters (who were too scared to escape) and board games on the caravan table. I was 14, didn’t they get it?

Refrigerator Chocolate cake

I traversed the space between  caravans and tents down to the beach to sit with the other girls waiting for the boys to come in from the water. They were shocked to see me because the night before my Father had pushed his way through the crowds of partying youth on a mission to find me. After several threats, heavy handling and scattering intoxicated revellers he found me pressed up against a surfer kissing him with my newly acquired technique.

I was suddenly grabbed from behind and dragged back to our caravan, and my wide eyed siblings, who had claimed I was in the shower block. I was embarrassed but mostly I was angry. I thought I was old enough to make my own decisions.

So, it was that the bikini clad girls on the beach were interested in just how I had survived that angry encounter. Here I was back on the beach, defiantly telling the tale of parental hate and mistreatment.  I was the girl who got dragged from the beach by her hair by her Father no less.  Today, I was grounded of course, but I could always say I was going to the toilet block, if I got caught. I had no knowledge of my Father following this time, and he didn’t intervene, he just mentioned seeing me on the beach with the others later on. I also considered spying to be a parental crime, and wondered if he had seen me on my belly crawling under the annex of the tent.

There would be no more trouble for me any way that Easter, as none of the Surfers were brave enough to approach me.

Chocolate Refrigerator cake

My grand mother stayed in a caravan close to ours and made this simple treat at Easter. I have fancied it up in appearance but it is still the same old easy recipe. Chocolate refrigerator Cake is easy. It’s an anytime cake really.

Chocolate refrigerator cake

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Chocolate Refrigerator Cake
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No bake Desserts
Use any biscuits you like. I used Tim Tams that great Australian treat because they are milk chocolate and they go well with the dark chocolate used in the rest of the cake, but you can use any biscuits you like including gluten free ones. The new Adriano Zumbo flavoured Tim Tams would be good. This recipoe uses Australian cups
  • 250gm biscuits including shortbread, Tim tams or even Oreos or a mixture.
  • 100 gm unsalted butter ( cultured is good)
  • 250 ml heavy cream (1 cup)
  • 60 gm golden syrup or honey (3 Tablespoons)
  • 450 gm dark chocolate
  • vanilla
  • 100 gm Chocolate chopped ( dark or a mixture)
  • 100 ml heavy or thickened cream ( ½ cup)
  • Eggs and/ or bunnies or anything for decorating.
  1. Line a 8 in / 20 cm cake tin with a removable bottom and have it ready. The secret to this is using a cake tin. Line it with paper.
  2. Break up the biscuits into large chunks, set aside
  3. Put the cream, butter, golden syrup and vanilla into a bowl over a double boiler or into the microwave till warm and just melted. Add the chopped chocolate off the heat and stir till melted and smooth.
  4. Add the biscuits to the chocolate when it has cooled a bit (especially if you are using Tim Tams). Mix gently combining the biscuits. All the biscuits should get coated by the time it is pushed into the mold . (I also added a few of the coloured shelled eggs or candies).
  5. Pour into the cake tin and push down flat, picking up and tapping on the bench lightly to push all the mixture to the bottom.
  6. Cover with plastic wrap and chill till firm. (over night is best but up to 3 hours.The freezer will speed this up)
  7. Warm the cream in a pot or microwave till hot, but NOT boiling. Add the chopped chocolate and stir till smooth.
  8. Unwrap the refrigerator cake and turn up side down onto a plate. The base will be easier to ice as it will be flatter. Pour over the ganache and spread with a spatula then chill for a few minutes before decorating with eggs and bunnies ( mine are Malteezer bunnies)
  9. Serves up to 10 because only small pieces are eaten
I used 150gm "Tim Tams" ( 6oz) and 100gm (3.5oz) plain biscuits)
Make sure your chocolate doesn't conytain barley for those that are gluten free. Lindt chocolate commonly contains barley
Chocolate refrigerator



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