Easy Raspberry Coconut Ice cream

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Easy Raspberry Coconut Ice cream that’s Vegan and gluten free but tastes like everything you shouldn’t eat is here!

Raspberry, cocconut and pistachio

Raspberry, coconut and pistachio

I had an Italian ice cream maker in my life for a few years. Yes, you could have ice cream when ever you wanted provided you put a little effort and attention in ice cream could be yours. But that ice cream maker started to be very troublesome and I had to stand holding his churning parts till he was finished and I just got the jack of it.

Raspberry Coconut Ice Cream

I took him and left him on the footpath to be picked up by the garbage truck. I know, it did seem a bit wasteful but I just didn’t have the time any more. The paddle and the motor where strong but the bowl just unclipped each time the paddle did a turn and it was pathetic. So I have since worked out other ways to make ice creams if I want them. A simple semi freddo goes a long way and can be made in lots of flavours. They can be slightly sweeter than ice cream or sorbet but they are very handy. There is a simple recipe here and here. Or if you prefer, the most simple of simple icecreams made with condensed milk and cream. I know it sounds sweet but it isn’t . It can be made into so many things such as ice cream cakes and individual serve creations. Heres a recipe for making ice cream cake without a machine here and caramel ice cream cake here

Raspberry Coconut Ice cream

Simple Raspberry ice cream

Easy Raspberry Coconut Ice Cream

Did I hear you asking about this Raspberry ice above?. Well I am so glad you did because it’s a revelation. I won’t tell you that I ate the whole recipes worth of the one above because I convinced myself it was good for me. It really does take a swift 5 minutes, oh go on it takes longer if you are going to clean up, but you could even make this at the very last minute and serve it with a chocolate dessert. It really is the ultimate soft serve. A blender produces the best results because it pulverizes the tiny seeds, but you could make it with a processor or hand held blender. AND if it is important in your world this has no dairy or eggs….go figure.

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Easy Raspberry Coconut Ice cream
My Kitchen Stories: 
I used a vita mix to make my ice cream, but you can use a hand held blender or food processor if you don't have a powerful blender.
  • 300 gm frozen raspberries (or another fruit)
  • 250 ml Coconut Cream (Ayam or Kara) chilled
  • 60 ml honey (3 Tablespoons)( more or less to taste or you can use agave or maple syrup)
Start with the coconut chilled and work quickly to keep everything nice and cold.
  1. Put the coconut cream and raspberries into the blender and blitz till smooth.
  2. Add 2-3 tablespoons of honey into the mixture and blitz again. Taste for sweetness, adding more honey if you like. I find 3 Tablespoon to be enough
  3. Eat immediately with roasted crushed nuts or a chocolate dessert.
  4. You can put into the freezer for several hours if you want to make it ahead.
  5. Note: It will freeze quite solid if left overnight
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