Dining alone all over Town – Reuben Hills and Bee Jays, Three Blue Ducks

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Oh the sad chore of dinning alone…..ha , not really. I’ve visited some nice places recently do you want a little peek? …… Dining alone around town.

Reuben Hills.

I said to someone this week…. I went to Rueben Hills this week and their reply was….. is that a new suburb of Sydney?

Reuben Hills is predominately a coffee destination, where coffee is roasted and sold. They offer help to wholesale customers choosing blends and styles so that they can tailor a coffee to suit each customer. Coffee cupping is held each Friday at 10am, and these are open to the public…..if you are interested.  Cupping is the practice of observing the tastes and aromas of brewed coffee, I personally would be awake for a week if I sniffed too many coffees ( light weight)










This is a popular bustling cafe and I felt a little invisible when I arrived standing around alone for a little while before I waved down a guy who was very attached to his ipad . He pointed me in the direction of a side bench with a stool that looked a little like a metal bench in a Tafe Electronics class ( Dad was a Tafe Teacher). The menu is a mix of South Western (of the US) Mexican and further south of that boarder. I like the idea and clearly others do to. Expect to find tortillas, black beans , grits, “queso”- cheese, chipotles, jalapenos, haberneros and salads with sweet potatoes, avocados and limes. How about some Dulce de Leche (south of the border caramel). They do have a Rueben Sandwich that is quite popular with Wagyu brisket, pickled slaw, melted manchego and horseradish. I had crispy skinned Salmon with corn, sweet potato, celeriac, rocket and lime. A lovely waitress came over and had a chat to me before I had to wave down that tall guy again to pay! I felt a little unloved but I would definitely return to give it another try .

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So what else is new in Marrickville the centre of the new cafe universe?

Bee Jays Cafe

Brand new and plenty to keep you interested while you are waiting for your coffee. Old LP’s , toys , road signs and loads of great touches. The plan is to have a wine bar/ live music space at night. Marrickville will love young BJ ( Benjamin)for that . It is a quirky interesting place. There is an alcove furnished with a table that I suspect doubles as a space for musicians when they are in residence. I am only dropping by for a quick snack and sit in the outdoor dining area down a long corridor at the back. I am sure the best place to sit is in the sun out the front with the view of Marrickvilles’ passing parade. For a more in depth review visit. www.grabyourfork.com

<—- At the crossing on Illawarra Rd



Out the back  —->

I was very naughty and I asked for something that wasn’t on the menu. This request was met with no attitude at all. My crispy skinned Ocean Trout, was on the menu with potatoes and something else delicious , however I only wanted salad. It was arrived with avocado, spinach and a delicious grain mustard dressing, delicious!

Two little old ladies came in when I was leaving. They just wanted cheese , lettuce and tomato sandwiches. They got them, with a cup of tea. How lovely <3 $17.00
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Three Blue Ducks

Its packed and probably has been since 7am. I only ‘ducked” in for a coffee and quick snack….. but I can tell you I am looking forward to returning. This small cafe/restaurant has recently expanded ( good idea) into the next door shop. There is an outdoor corridor between the two. A bar and more cosy feel will suit the bookings only dinners wed- sat.










OK so you can see from the pictures that the service will be a bit harried…..and of course it was but wait till you see what I ate.


Calamari with Pearl Barley, Chorizo and almond gazbachio……..$26.00

Very delicious. After my chocolate mousse tart, with fine sweet pastry and long black          ( single origin roasters). Two nice waiters came by my table to make sure I had had a nice snack……redeemed ( as if that Calamari couldn’t redeem them) .

Oh no…. who let the Finks out!


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