Sausages …. Hands On!

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                                 The Family Crest

Kogarah is a suburb about 20 minutes from the centre of Sydney. There is not much of note here unless you are interested in Italian food and Charcuterie. Pinos Dolce Vita Fine Foods has been here for the last 30 years, and if you have not yet paid a visit….. it’s time!

I know there are a lot of keen cooks in Sydney who would just love to get their hands on some sausages given half the chance. This is your chance .

Pino is considered to be the Godfather of Sydney’s Italian Charcuterie heritage. His love of food and family has finally come full circle with the long held dream of opening  a relaxed family style restaurant, and now, the Dolce Vita Cooking School. Daughter Carla, is his resident Chef , sons Fabian and Marco run the shop . Wife Pia charms all with her sweet nature, while paddling furiously under water to help make it all happen.




















  • Have you always wanted to know how to make sausages?
  • Would you like to learn the secrets of Charcuterie making the Italian way . Make Cappocolo and Prosciutto.
  • Learn the secrets of butchery and how to cook meat to perfection.
  • Buy beautiful Italian products such as pasta, truffled flour and sugo























I know this all sounds like a bit of an advertisment for them…….. and in a way it is.

They have had trouble getting the website program up and running and these classes are just too good to be missed, so I have volunteered to yell for them!

If  you and a friend book any class in May and mention                          My Kitchen Stories when you book, you will receive a 10% discount.

ring 0295874818 or on line   at……..                       www.dolcevitacookingschool




















The Program so far in May

Hands On………………………….

  • The Art of Sausage Making with Pino

Hands on class- Wednesday 9th May-6 pm– hurry for this one $180.00

  • Capocollo Master Class   with Pino

Not to be missed Hands on class with Pino. He will show you how to roll and cure and once completed you will be able to take your completed delicacy home $280.00

                          Wednesday 16th May at 6pm a couple of places lef

  • Learn to Churn–    with Pepe Sayer- $120.00

Make your own butter, Mascarpone, Yoghurt and Creme Fraiche over two afternoons and take your fresh produce home

                         Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th at 2pm


  • Art of Pastrythree styles of pastry

     Shady Wasef of ‘Mikes Kitchen’ and Carla Tomini Foresti

           Tuesday 17th May 6pm  $90.00 
  •  Fregola, Farro and Orzo      How to cook and serve these versatile staples

Shady Wasef ‘Mikes Kitchen’ and Carla Tomini Forresti –

              Thusday 24th May      $90.00  6pm

           0295874818     or

dont forget to mention me………… Tania @ My Kitchen Stories



You can even relax and have a coffee or surf the shelves for Italian goodies

See you there!

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