Pino’s La Dolce Vita …Restaurant and Cooking School

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So whats on the at Pino’s Dolce Vita?.

A “traditional” Restaurant, where the family hope to serve well crafted “authentic” cuisine in a family atmosphere. Memories of wonderful Italian family style restaurants is the driving force behind this project. The plan is to introduce a guest chef, each month , who will cook with Carla (daughter). In April the planned cooking school will open , promising classes by Pino covering traditional charcuterie making.

Pino’s Dolce Vita has been at this shop in  Kogarah since 1978. Pino himself is a 5th generation butcher, and although all of their three children left the nest to  study (and done well), in their chosen fields they are all back at Dolce Vita headquarters with Mum and Dad . The family business includes not only the highest quality meats from around Australia but also over 100 award winning sausage flavours and most notably,  Prociutto , Salami , Capicola , Pancetta as well as Italian meatballs, Involtini and Schnitzels, made on the premises. Products from this shop are so well regarded you will find them in most of the hatted restaurants in Sydney. Pino is a focused man, and likes to make sure that the finer details are covered.  He is responsible for introducing traditional Italian butchery to Sydney, encouraging our love of salami and cured pork goods.

Above the new curing area and below the shop

A dream has to start somewhere, and that was at an opening cocktail party on Tuesday night where chefs and restaurateurs showed their support by turning up for the festivities. Tonight however is a different story, it is the first night of their restaurant and the whole family is in attendance. Carla is in the kitchen with Simmone Galli from a restaurant in Lake Como.

The space has a very high ceiling and is broken into 3 main areas. The kitchen, an open section in the middle ( where classes will be held. Tonight there are some of Pinos Italian vehicles parked here.) Then finally, at the far end of the space, beside the curing room is a long comfortable, homely looking section adorned with family pictures, maps of Italy and books. . There are beautiful hand made wooden tables and shelves full of Italian sauces, pastas, rices and oils . Pino and Pia sit at the table with us chatting and telling family stories while  we are looked after by Marco and Fabiano who pour drinks and deliver food. This is where Pino reveals the two important things in life for him…. “the joy of food and making love”….. yes he is Italian. ! The food starts to arrive, between courses of ” authentic Italian Cuisine  from the cupboard”…….. Pia tells me with awe that the chef has just used whatever he found in the building……….. I find this a little amusing, as we are talking about a building full of incredible meats and Italian staples…. ” ah yes”, she says ” I guess you are right”

Pino and Pia Tomini Foresti

Carla Tomini Foresti

Marco Tomini Foresti

The kitchen space

Crispy Sicilian bread for cheeses and dipping


To start we had Antipasti. Fried sage leaves beef balls and sweet breads, polenta with gorgonzola sauce, a small soup with rice and potato and a bruschetta with pate

Pork and Red Wine sausages , Risotto Milanese and Minestrone soup

Pork cutlet completely flattened and crumbed bone still on.    Served  traditionally with  accompaniment . On the side is creamy polenta with a ragu sauce

Dessert a Panettone ( basket) with Zaffarano gelato, chocolate and vanilla meringue and strawberry sauce

Pino with his Lamb Prosciutto


——Programs in Brief————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

  • Monday 15th  11 am .

How to cook the perfect Roast 2 hours (Carla Tomini Foresti )$90.00

  • Wednesday 17th  11am.

Seasonal . Lamb and Spring Vegetables roasted and pickled (Carla) $ 90.00

  • Friday 19th 6pm

Calabrese Dinner. Typical family Calbrian Dinner $ 130.00

  • Thursday 25th October

Breads . 4 x styles Pizza, Foccacia, Brioche and Grissini ( carla and Shadi Wasef of Mikes Kitchen)   Tis class will also include a look into producing a “Mother” for sour dough making (class November 22nd)

  • Sunday 28th October 

A road trip to Taralga Springs with Pino to meet farmers and lunch $ 120.00

  • Monday 29th October

A butchers demo with Pino and sons.$??

Check the above websites for classes and programs.


Contact Details

Shop 10, 45 President Avenue,
Kogarah, NSW,

02 9587 4818

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