Summer Cocktail Food

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Summer is the time for parties drinks and movable feasts. Lately I have moved a few of these tiny morsels around and thought it may give you some ideas for Summer entertaining. It’s not always easy to dream up little snacks for times when only a nibble is required. I think the secret with small foods when you are expecting guests is be prepared. ( as you do with any cooking) .  I think about the street vendors on the side of the road in Asia. They carry two baskets and some chairs and manage to produce bowls of food you could find in a restaurant. This snaps me into action, after all I have a kitchen and running water to boot!

This little cup contains Petuna Lightly smoked Ocean Trout that has been rubbed with a spice mixture of Zataar, extra ground cummin and corriander, drizzled with olive oil and lemon and baked for 15 minutes producing a lovely hot smoked Trout. This is mixed with steamed potato cubes and lots of soft herbs including dill and coriander. At the bottom of the cup is the delicious Taramasalata from Earlwood Wines

Finely sliced prosciutto always makes a lovely salty treat. This prosciutto is made by the DePalma family of Sydney. The prosciutto is wrapped around cherry tomato bocconcini, basil leaves and served with caramelized balsamic, speared with a tiny stick , so easy.

These Tomato tarts are a great way to starve off hunger , with Goat Curd and Basil

Want a recipe….Recipe here

A more substantial treat, these soft Chicken rolls fit the bill. A small fist full of chewy crusted soft roll filled with Chicken thigh fillet marinated in preserved lemon, garlic, cummin and Alto Lemon oil. This has been slow roasted then chilled and chopped , mixed with aioli, this was stuffed into a roll with Tabouli and drizzled with  tahini dressing ( tahini, lemon juice and olive oil added water )

Nori rolls filled with salmon, avocado and tuna with sashimi soy sauce, an oldy but a goodie!

Boquerone Croquettes. If you  have not tried a true Spanish Boquerone, then you need to go and find some . See an explanation here.

They make a delicious crunchy little ball that does not have to be served hot!

: Boquerone Croquettes


• 1kg peeled cut potato (a mashing potato such as Pontiac)

• 1 x 75g tray Boquerones (Spanish white anchovies), chopped

• 2 tablespoons parsley, chopped

• Fresh ground black pepper

• 100g grated Manchego or Cheddar cheese

• 50g butter

• 1 small diced onion

• Egg wash ( 1 egg + ½ cup milk, whisked lightly)

• 1 egg yolk

• Bread crumbs

• Plain flour for coating

• Oil, for frying


• Steam the potatoes. While they are cooking, gently sweat the onions in about 20g of the butter until translucent. When soft take off the heat. Cool.

• Mash the onions and Boquerones (add all the liquid from Boquerones packet) into a paste with a fork in the pan. Add the parsley and freshly ground pepper and set aside.

• When the potatoes are tender, mash them or use a potato ricer to puree them. Mix in the remaining butter, egg yolk and cheese to the Boquerone mixture (never use a food processor or the potatoes will be gluey). Taste for seasoning. If the mixture is loose, add a little plain flour.

• Sprinkle flour onto the bench, roll mixture out into a long sausage and cut into bite sized pieces. Put pieces onto a tray and refrigerate until cold.

• Dust with flour, dip in egg wash and cover with bread crumbs, then put back into the fridge until required. Deep fry (180C) in oil unti l golden, and drain on absorbent paper.

Serve with Doodles Creek Aioli, caperberries & fresh chives.

Makes 24

Photo care of Michael Payne

 Happy New Year!!!!!



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