No Bake White Chocolate Berry Tart

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White Chocolate Berry tarts no bake

 I love this No bake White Chocolate Berry Tart. It’s perfect.

No Cooking is a concept that is quite appealing in the summer, the only problem is we still want to eat and entertain .  It was my birthday somewhere between all the other festivities, of the last couple of weeks. Thank god for Summer Berries, they can be transformed into the most delicious things.

This recipe is inspired by Nigella Lawson the Queen of easy cooking. She made a similar tart with lemon curd and cream cheese. This is my recipe . As eaten in the Jauary heat.

White Chocolate Berry Tart no baking required


No Bake White Chocolate Berry Tart
My Kitchen Stories: 
No Bake White Chocolate and Berry Tart This Tart needs time to ' cook' in the fridge, so start it the night before or in the morning for dinner.
  • 250 gm pkt Granita biscuits or graham crakers stc
  • 80 gm butter, soft unsalted
  • 250 gm cream cheese, left out to warm while start making the tart
  • 150 gm white chocolate (I used callebaut )
  • 200 ml cream ( I used thickened but a high butterfat cream is ok)
  • 2 lemons zested
  • 60 ml lemon juice
  • 500 gm Berries, strawberries,blueberries, raspberries or mulberries.
  1. You will need a 20 cm ( 8 in) tart tin with a removable bottom. I have used a cake tin with straight sides. Make sure to press the crumbs all the way up the sides. ( this may be fluted, but it should have a removable bottom)
  2. First put the cream into a jug and microwave until hot, or heat gently in a saucepan, take off the heat before adding the white chocolate stirring to melt.
  3. Set aside while you make the crust
  4. Put the biscuits in the food processor and blitz them until they are fine crumbs. Add the soft butter and combine.
  5. Press the crumbs into a tart case or shallow sided cake tin
  6. Put the cream cheese into the food processor with the zest, juice and white chocolate cream and process until smooth. Pour into the crumb case and put into the fridge to set. It will take a couple of hours to fully set
  7. Serve this tart with berries and grated white chocolate.
  8. Or serve it with roasted rhubarb or quince
You could substitute the biscuits for a gluten free brand.
Add a crushed berry puree for colour and taste.
Drain some Greek yoghurt for a day over as colander and use this instead of cream.
+++ You could make it in small glasses or cups, make it gluten free by using rice cookies, add praline or berry puree.
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