January, has begun.

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It has been an interesting January. Sydney has not been itself ( weather  wise) and neither have I.  My teenager has blossomed into a young man and I have changed jobs, making everything at home and at work different.

One minute he was a cute little boy with cars and scooters ( and cuddles) and then he was bringing girls home! His room is a graveyard of glasses and clothes worn momentarily and there are usually a couple of extra bodies as the tide of teens floats from one house to the next on their enviable quest to chill.

No doubt I will grow used to not having large quantities of cheese in my fridge, (one of the perks of working for a cheese wholesaler) and I have stopped writing all of my recipes with cheese based ingredients. I have reverted to sugar once again and I will eventually intersperse my recipes with a lot more savoury ingredients. With a job now doing cooking demonstrations for a home living/cooking store, I am sure there will be people that are not solely focused on sugar and cheese ( believe it or not) and I will have to try hard to readjust. On the teenager front, there will be some readjusting as well.

I saw the poor forlorn chap above at Lady Macquarie’s Chair in the CBD of Sydney, and I felt that he too, had had an interesting January.

Above,  new work duties

If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, you will probably think that the weather    looks good . Enjoy the view of Bondi Beach. Welcome Summer…………….

Sonoma by the beach, Artisan sour dough bread arrives


La Macelleria cutting edge butcher, salumeria, panini bar and rotiserrie

The new face of butchery, la Macelleria ( the butcher – in Italian)

“Marchetti, better known as a restaurateur at Icebergs Dining Room and Bar, North Bondi Italian Food and the spanking new Neild Avenue, is trying to break the meat-retailing mould: ”We don’t have meat from caged animals, we make mince to order, we don’t call yearling veal and we don’t put sausages in artificial collagen casings.

”We also don’t open at 7am – who buys meat at 7am? – and we stay open till 8pm.”

Marchetti began his retail journey seven years ago with his foray into salumi, Italian-style smallgoods.”Source: Good Living, Sydney Morning Herald’

La Macelleria, Butcher, Salumeria, Bondi Beach Shop 14, The Beach House, 178 Campbell Parade, corner Curlewis and Gould Streets, Bondi Beach. 9300 6388. Daily 10am-8pm.
A nice shot of a Christmas display on Sir Thomas Mitchel Road , Bondi, thanks guys( whoeva!)

Skate bowl, where teenager used to spend much time( pre-girlfriend)

New Years Eve leftovers……………………..

Thought I should take you to the beach before moving onto Beachside Dining at Miss Chu

Miss Chu . In an arcade across from the beach. Simple tuckshop food, great ricepaper rolls and steamed dumplings and lots more  www.misschu.com.au

  • Bondi Tuckshop      178 Campbell Parade,  Bondi   11am till 10pm sun- thurs, 11am- 12am Fri- Sat
  • And what is this delight,  a red chandelier? To be found in the back bar at The Bondi hotel

    www.hotelbondi.com.au for any of our overseas friends interested

    Beach hire now travelling well on the white sands of Bondi, hire a chair,

    and umbrella , a novel idea for Australia

    And finally, the cutting of the giant apple pie, found at The Pie Tin , Newtown



    • Hotly Spiced says:

      Oh that poor bird. He looks like his January has been very traumatising. I know, I know, I know, about teenage boys. They used to be such nice, sweet-smelling little things but then they grow. And everything changes. It’s definitely a new phase. And yes, your photos of Bondi make it look like we’re having a great summer but the reality is, this has to be the coldest and wettest summer on record for sure.

    • Charlie says:

      good god you are good xx

    • 3outa4 says:

      Very much enjoyed this post. A bit of a grieving process re skater boy, not looking forward to that part. You’ve done a fantastic job with him though so congratulate yourself.

    • The Pie Tin is great isn’t it? And finally, a butcher that stays open late! I always have to rush to get to mine by 6pm and sometimes it’s hard (and hehe I definitely don’t buy meat at 7am although who knows, maybe there is a market out there for early morning meat?) 🙂

    • Diane says:

      Very enjoyable day it was and what great photos you take!

    • o…poor bird….
      mmm….those dimsum dumplings are so delicious.

    • Dear Tania,

      Congratulations on your boy moving into the next phase in life – interesting with new set of challenges but I’m sure you’re also proud.

      That is really a gigantic piece of apple pie and I have heard some good things about the Pie Tin.

      • taniacusack says:

        How lovely of you to say that. Yes I am proud of him he’s friendly, kind and knows what he wants. I have been to the pie tin a couple of times ns=d it is a great cheap eat.!

    • Lucky last says:

      All very sad, boys will be boys, i find it hard to decide whether to hold my breath and go in to sort it all out regularly or close the door and pretend my house has one less bedroom. The bird looks like he may have been kicked out of his nest for not attending to his personal hygiene as well. Tried the no cook desert it was really good.

      • taniacusack says:

        Pretend your house has 1 less room!.Personal hygiene looks like the last thing on Birdy NUM NUMs agenda. Thanks for trying one of my recipes.!

    • cheese chick says:

      What about those terribly well off blue birdies there..maybe they could squeeze in flatmate while he’s down on his luck.

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