Its Christmas at John and Peters Canteen!

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Last night was our work Christmas party.

   Lucky for us , it was at John and Peters Canteen , at Everleigh Carrigeworks in Redfern Sydney, one of the new breed of restaurant/ function centre, serious food cafe, that has a good amount of street cred being partially attached to the Eveleigh Farmers Markets. We had a fantastic dinner and danced for a few hours into the night………..


Eveleigh is reclaimed railway space … ‘carrigeworks’. It now houses this Canteen and an enormous space where art and fashion shows and even theatre are now staged. This has not always been the best area, Redfern is undergoing a resurgence as a residential and artistic zone. The Eveleigh Farmers Markets are a must for any cook or food obsessed blogger

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Parmesan biscuits with broadbeans,          Puff pastry with curd and prosciutto


Spit Roast Lamb

Roast Pork, Spit Roast Lamb, stuffed peppers, Roman beans, roast potatoes,red pepper agrodolce …

Roast Artichokes


               Fried Eggplant with ricotta


There was cherry Focaccia and a lovely Torte di Verona , mascarpone, sponge stewed blueberries and crunchy toasted flaked almonds in glasses

It’s pretty at night…………………………………..

John and Peter Canteen

245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh, NSW
Tel: +61 (02) 8571 9004
Lunch noon till 3pm Wednesday to Friday
Long Lunch noon till 5pm Saturday and Sunday
Dinner 6pm till late Wednesday to Saturday
Bookings recommended (they are sometimes closed for functions)

Christmas is here.


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