A Winter Cheese Plate

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 The Winter Cheese Plate

Really, this is just some fun for Winter-and a little spoof on Masterchef. Please dont think  I have lost my mind. However, I will say, I think the Winter Cheese plate is a goer!

This is the Invention test that I set myself last week end. I even gave myself an hour, by which time I had my dish cooked and ready to photograph. The ‘core’ ingredient was Blue d’Affinois as, they are 2 kg and I still had some left from my Blue Cheese Tart.  Naturally Skater will not eat any thing more exotic than  Extra Mature or Vintage cheddar ( from the supermarket) so there has been no chance of this cheese being randomly nibbled from the fridge between my pressure test and this invention test…

The ingredients in the pantry were …………. flour, eggs, pumpkin, apples, butter, pancetta, olive oil , plum finishing vinegar, salt and sage from the garden and some hazelnut praline ( I told you I always have some).

First thing I did was put eggs and flour, oil and salt into the processor to make pasta dough. I wrapped this and put aside. Next I chopped the Kent pumpkin tossed it in oil and salt and pepper,and put it in the oven until soft and lightly golden. Once roasted I put it into the blender with some butter and pureed it until silky smooth. A pot of salted water was put on the stove to boil, and the grill turned on. I picked the sage leaves and chopped an apple into lcm dice, before returning to the pasta. . This was rolled int two fine lenths and filled with enourmous splogges of blue d’Affinious, painted with egg wash and made into large raviolo. ( both round and square to see which looked the best in photos)The pancetta went under the grill in flat lengths to cook and crisp up, then drained on paper..

There was a couple of minutes left so, I took a two pieces of hazelnut praline and a couple of crispy pancetta pieces and blitzed them in the processor. I put the raviolo into the boiling water and wacked a fypan on to a medium heat adding butter. Once the butter melted I added the apple and sage. I tossed the apple in the butter until lightly golden, the butter is lightly nutty and foamy and the sage leaves crisp. I add a splash of vineagr to cut the richness, and now I am ready to serve. The raviolo is cooked and drained and waiting to be plated……………. and here it is………….

Raviolo with pumpkin puree,apples,sage and pancetta and hazelnut praline and pancetta crumble…………….A good Winter Cheese Plate

Cutting into this ravioli produces a river of creamy warm d’Affinios that mixes with pancetta, apples and the sweet and sour crunch of pancetta and praline.

Would I pass the Invention Test??

: Pasta Dough

  • 300gm flour
  • 3 eggs
  • Sea salt
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil
  1. Put all the ingredients into the food processor and process until just combined.
  2. Turn out onto a bench and push the dough together, wrap it in plastic and put into a cool place
  3. Once the dough has rested it will be soft and relaxed. Work the dough to smooth and elastic. Then begin the rolling process. Using flour to stop it sticking, work down to the lowest setting.
  4. Lay two equal sized strips of pasta onto a bench. Put pieces of cheese along the pasta at even distances. Paint around each piece of cheese with eggwash, and lay the sheet on top sealing and making sure there are no air bubbles.
  5. Cut into the shapes you want. They can be round or square. Place each on to a tray or plate brushed with olive oil. Cover with plastic and seal.



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