Deadly Chocolate Tart with 80% Callebaut

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Recently I was asked to come up with a recipe using 80% Callebaut chocolate. I think that Lindt does an 80% chocolate too. Go for a mix of 70% and a nice couveture style dark . Any dark style that you like the taste of. Just dont use chocolate melts or cooking chocolate, these are made of vegetable fats and the recipe just wont work

The bitter cocoa taste pairs well with berries but for a match made in sweet heaven try it with caramelised pears or sweet orange syrup, make a hazelnut praline or maybe salted caramel and peanut ice cream!

Recipe: Chocolate Tart

Pre heat the oven to 180. This recipe was made using a 24cm tart case with removable base


1.  250gm flour

2. 150 gm butter

3. 50gm caster sugar

4. 1 egg beaten and cold water up to 100ml


 150gm 80% chocolate chopped ( or buttons)
 150gm dark chocolate ( approx 54%)
200gm unsalted butter
 2 eggs
 2 yolks
 125gm caster sugar


 100ml thickened cream
 50gm 80% callebaut
 1 Tablespoon glucose syrup ( opt)

To Make

The pastry takes the longest to make so have the tart case finished and cooling before beginning the filling

1. Use a food processor to combine the butter, sugar and flour until it resembles breadcrumbs. Stop the machine and add all but a few drops of the egg mixture. Turn the machine back on and process until the dough comes together in a ball.

2. Pour pastry out of the machine and onto a bench. Push the dough together lightly, overworking will make it tough and hard to roll out . If it looks dry add a little of the reserved liquid and push together into a flat disc and refrigerate .

3. After resting for a minimum of 30 minutes. Lightly flour the bench and roll out to approx 4cm larger than the tart tin. Lower into the tin with a removable base. Return to the fridge. till firm , I use the freezer .

4. Bake filled with beans or rice in a 180 deg oven till set. ( approx 15 minutes.) Remove the paper and bake till golden ( approx 8-10 minutes)


The best part is this fudgey soft middle. Lower the oven to 160

1. Melt the chocolate and butter together. Cool slightly.

2.Meanwhile using a mixer beat the sugar and eggs until light and white and lots of air is encorporated. Fold 1/2 the chocolate into the egg mix and finish with the rest.

3. Bake the tart for 15 minutes, you may not think it is cooked but it needs to be just set.  Cool.


Put the cream and glucose in a jug in the microwave and heat till hot( but not boiling). If steaming , cool slightly. Using a small whisk, stir in the chocolate and keep stiring until it is a nice thick chocolate ganache and all the chocolate is  is disolved.

 Pour over the tart , spreading with a palette knife while it is still slightly warm and pliable, making it easy to spread.

Quick Notes

You can make the pastry a day ahead and keep in an air tight container. If using for a dinner party , skip the glaze and go for a sprinkling of cocoa, icing sugar or praline. Don’t over cook, it is best when soft, but will still be lovely even if you do overdo it.

To make a 28 cm tart make 1 1/2  x the recipe


Use a 60 or 70 % chocolate, or any ” dark ” chcolate. Use orange zest or glace fruits or praline in the chocolate mix. Spread the base with salted caramel sauce before adding the chocolate mix and baking. You could add nuts,walnuts, almonds or hazelnuts

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  • kathy-lea says:

    I have been trying everso desparately to view Sallys hyjinkses to no avail. Im wondering if its a glytch in your hardware or my current stupidity given my bout of sleepy eyes. Anyway Ill look forward to seeing them ASAP and oh by the way I think I looked great in that shot of sally and I but no surprises ther I am quite a foxy lady! Lee Lee Lawson

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you . There is nothing wrong with your computer, Sally’s hyjinks are not yet recorded. In other words I havent had time to show them yet…… Nice to hear from you!

  • kathy-lea says:

    That chocolate tart looks awesome!

  • Asmita says:

    This looks so rich and decadent.
    I recently baked a chocolate tart , the filling was a rich chocolate pudding dressed in a graham cracker crust. I used Lindt chocolate with 70% cocoa, the recipe asked for a bittersweet chocolate and though the pudding was heavenly just wanted to know should I be going higher in the cocoa percentage?

    • Anonymous says:

      Lindt 70% is perfectly fine , in fact its great, I love it. It is probably strong enough for most peoples pallets. Lindt also do an 80% but your choice was perfect. When American recipes call for bittersweet chocolate it is usually only up to about 64%.

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